Welcome to the Alternate Exam/Test Scheduling Website

York’s Counselling & Disability Services and the Registrar’s Office work in partnership to support alternate exam and test accommodation services for students with disabilities at the Keele campus.

Please review  the exam and test policies and procedures.

Alternate Exam and test requests must be submitted at least three (3) weeks in advance of the scheduled test dates.

For the Fall/Winter 2014 academic session, the deadlines for submission of requests for alternate exams and tests are:

  • For Fall term final and Full year mid-term exams: Friday November 14, 2014
  • For Winter term and Full year final exams: Friday March 27, 2015
      Late requests to book tests or exams will not be accepted by the Alternate Exams online request system.

It is your responsibility to check your e-mail regularly for notifications regarding changes or updates concerning Alternate Exam and Test Scheduling services.

How to request an alternate exam or test.

How to reschedule an exam or test.