Welcome to the Alternate Exam/Test Scheduling Website

York’s Counselling & Disability Services and the Registrar’s Office work in partnership to support alternate exam and test accommodation services for students with disabilities at the Keele campus.

Please review  the exam and test policies and procedures.


For in-class exams and tests:

If you had previously submitted a request for accommodations for any in-class test or exam which now has a revised date, please complete the Ask A Question form to provide our office with the revised in-class test or exam date. We will schedule your alternate exam/test accordingly and post your new date under My Alternate Exams. DO NOT CANCEL your original alternate exam/test request – we will make the date revision on this request.

For official final exams:

The official exam period, for classes which resumed during the weeks of March 11, 17 or 23, is April 19 – 28, 2015, inclusive. The exam schedule is now posted on our exam site. If you had previously requested accommodations for an official April exam you do not need to submit a new request or provide us with a new date once the schedule is released. We will schedule you to write your final exam accordingly and post the information on My Alternate Exams.

If you have not yet requested accommodations for your official final April exams, the deadline for submitting requests has now passed. Please discuss options with your course director.

The official exam period for classes which resumed on or after April 1, 2015 will be from May 13 to May 17, 2015 inclusive. The exam schedule is not yet available. As with the April exams, if you submitted a request already, you do not need to submit a new one or provide us with a new date.

If you have not requested accommodations for your official exams scheduled for May 13 to May 17, we will post instructions and further information at a future date.

If you are not sure what requests you have already made, please review your Request History.

How to request an alternate exam or test.

How to reschedule an exam or test.